Community Strengths and Themes Assessment (CSTA)

Disclosure Statement:

The purpose of this Community Strengths and Themes Assessment Tool is to request your thoughts about what is important to your installation; quality of life; and how we can improve community health, wellness, readiness, and resiliency. The CSTA is a requirement by HQDA in order to assist commands in the development of a responsive and holistic community support plan.

Please consider your definition of “community” as the area of influence that the installation or post senior commander and leadership can impact.  

Your participation in this survey is voluntary and will help to inform the Commander’s Readiness and Resilience Council (CR2C) or other community health council on priorities that community members want to address.

To protect your identity: 1) all electronic data will be kept private and confidential and password protected; 2) all data is stored on a secured network; and 3) only group (aggregate) responses will be reported. Your individual responses will never be reported. We are not interested in the responses of any single individual.

The survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.  This assessment is part of military public health practice and is not intended as scientific research design.

There are no known risks to participating in this survey. Benefits are that your thoughts and opinions may be used to guide strategic planning efforts within your communities to improve the health of your installation.  If you have any questions about the survey, use of your data, or wish to opt out at any time in the future, please e-mail/call the survey administrator at (253)-209-5564. You may also contact the Army Public Health Center Human Protection Administrator at (410)-417-2611.
You may skip any question on this survey and stop participation at any time.
Thank you for participating and sharing your voice!

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