Epi-Tech Training

Course Length

Each session lasts 30 minutes

ID Number

Registration Fee


Participants are eligible to receive CME credit for attendance at Epi-Tech Trainings. ALL attendees MUST be registered on the CME website regardless of discipline and whether or not they want a CME certificate. To register, please follow these steps:

1. Log-on or Request log-on ID/password:

2. Register for Epi-Tech Surveillance Training:

You will only need to register ONCE for this Regularly Scheduled Series activity, which will allow you to attend all monthly sessions from October 2013 through September 2014. Attendance will be conducted for each session; you can only claim credit for the number of sessions for which we have proof of attendance. Attendees may claim their CME Certificate at the completion of the activity (September 2014), not after each session.


This course is designed for any epi-tech, community health nurse, public health nurse or preventive medicine physicians who may be interested in learning best surveillance practices for local medical treatments. The core performance areas that the course will be reinforcing include: outbreak identification, reporting practices, and disease/case finding. This activity will improve the performance of preventive medicine personnel who conduct surveillance activities in inpatient and outpatient settings. 


Please log-in and attend training via DCO if at all possible; you should be able to hear the presenters through your computer and communicate with the presenters/SMEs (and ask questions) via the chat section on DCO; you do not need to dial-in via the telephone. We have reserved a very limited number of phone lines for those who cannot join us via DCO.

To get a DCO account please follow this link:




If you have any questions, please contact: