ARMY Blueprint Reading and Design Review

Course Length

5 days face to face training

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There is no registration fee charge for this course. You will, however, be responsible for your own TDY expenses, including the payment of your hotel bill when you checkout. Pre and post testing will be done online and participants will need a CAC and an AKO account to register.

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The Blueprint and Design Review Course provides CP-12 careerists with valuable skills that can be incorporated directly to their job responsibilities.

Engineers from the US Army Public Health Command’s Industrial Hygiene Field Services provide instruction on the basics of blueprint organization and structure, technical requirements for specific design criteria and evaluation procedures to performing a sound design review.

Hands-on exercises and class discussion are used by instructors to enhance student learning.

In addition to the technical information, the students are able to network with each other and the instructors.

Upon completion of this course students should be able to demonstrate the ability to recommend and apply ventilation engineering and life safety principles and related calculations to design a variety of workplaces, knowledge of design principals, and the regulations and standards pertinent to building design.

Because the instructors are Army Civilians, the students have reach back should they encounter questions or concerns when reviewing a design on their own.

Students are administered pre- and post-assessments as a course evaluation tool. Pre & Post Assessments will be administered through a web-based program. Students will have 3 working days after the course to complete the web-based final assessment. Certificates are issued to students who achieve at least a 70% on the final assessment.

Please make note that the face to face portion of this course is Tuesday through Thursday and will be full class days. You will have one day of web-based coursework prior to the course. This online course work will be due one week prior to your travel to the face to face portion. Those that do not complete the online portion one week before the course date will be removed from the course roster.

The subject areas covered include:

  • Design Review Process
  • Blueprint Organization, Plans, Elevations, Details & Schedules
  • Blueprint Scales
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Fundamentals of Ventilation Review
  • HVAC Concepts
  • Life Safety Code
  • Vehicle Maintenance Design Review
  • Battery Charging Room Design Review
  • Welding Shop Design Review
  • Flammable Storage Design Review
  • Paint Booth Design Review
  • Blasting Booth Design Review
  • Firing Range/Shoot House/MOUT Design Review

ABIH provides CM points for this course to those who are eligible. CEUs are issued by Career Program 12 for this course to those who meet all passing requirements.

Certificates are issued to students who achieve at least a 70% on the final assessment. Attendance of all online and face to face course sections is required in order to receive a certificate for the course.


CLASS MATERIALS: Slide handouts, notes pages, and classroom exercises will be available on Blackboard. Students are responsible for bringing their own printed/electronic material. Power supplies will be available in the classroom for those bringing material electronically. Don’t to bring materials to take notes (pens, pencils, highlighter, self-stick tabs, etc.) Some of the calculations may involve squaring, deriving the square root, and using logarithms. Calculators are a requirement. Scientific calculators are preferred.


With the recent Blackboard upgrade, students may experience problems if they are using Internet Explorer (IE) 7. To help alleviate browser issues students can use IE 8 or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Students can still access the course with IE7, but please delete any internet browsing history and cookies prior to viewing this course by clicking the "Tools" menu, "Internet Options", and selecting delete. Fewer issues are encountered by students who have deleted these.