Transport of Biomedical Materials

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4½ Days

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There is no registration fee charge for this course.  You will, however, be responsible for your own TDY expenses, including the payment of your hotel bill when you checkout.

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Details the provisions governing biomedical material transport. The course focuses on regulatory requirements as prescribed by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Defense (DOD),and other regulatory agencies. Students learn to identify and classify hazardous materials; prepare regulated medical waste, diagnostic specimens, biological products and infectious substances for transport; prepare and certify shipping papers for all classes of hazardous materials; package samples and specimens for transport; and certify shipments of biomedical material for transport. To be designated a certifier of biomedical material, students must successfully pass an opened-book examination with 75% or better. The course meets both the DOD and DOT training requirements.


Must be DoD or DoD Contractor Personnel.



USAPHC, Hazardous and Medical Waste Program, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403


TARGET AUDIENCE: The training is for military and civilian personnel of all services including laboratory technicians, pathologists, safety officers, warehouse workers, doctors, and nurses who work at a health care facility and handle, package, mark, label, move or prepare infectious substances, diagnostic specimens, biological products or regulated medical waste for transport. ONSITE TRAINING REQUESTS: To request information about conducting this course onsite at your installation, please fill out the On Site Training Request Form.