Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) Resident Train-the-Trainer Course Part 2

Course Length

Part 1 takes approximately 20 hours and Part 2 is 28 hours

ID Number

ATRRS designation in process

Registration Fee

There is no registration fee for this course.

All comments and questions may be sent to AIPH/ HPW  or call 410-436-2303/4656.


The P3T Leader Course is now being conducted in two parts.

This course provides guidance to P3T Program Managers/OICs, Installation Instructor Trainers/NCOICs, Trimester Instructor Trainers (IT) and Medical Experts (ME) on establishing and operating local P3T consolidated programs. Training is based on the US Army Pregnancy/Postpartum Physical Training Program Technical Guide 255A-F Series. Course completion requires passing written and practical examinations.

P3T Part 1 Course

Part 1 is a set of 10 distance learning modules in Blackboard (Bb) that includes didactic sessions, video lessons, reading assignments, and checks on learning. A Defense Connect Online (DCO) class is optional but highly recommended and should be attended either while or after the on-line modules are completed. Part I module topics are Course Introduction, Implementation Guide, Changes during Pregnancy, Nutrition, Safety Issues, Exercise Performance, Exercise Session Development, Changes During Postpartum, Data Collection and Evaluation, and Exam Review. Once the modules have been completed the enrollee will be required to complete the written exam.

P3T Part 1 Course Enrollment. Email Sponsor with your Rank, First MI Last name, AKO username (NOT Enterprise email), installation where you are assigned.

Completion of Part 1 is required before attendance at a Part 2 Course!

P3T Part 2 Course

Part 2 is a resident course focusing on the practical application of the Part 1 content. Part 2 includes training on exercise performance, exercise session oversight, training exercise leaders, use of program implementation and data collection tools, and a practical exam. Participation is physically active and consists of land and water exercise skills training with practical application of the principles of pregnancy and postpartum physical training.

P3T Part 2 Course registration


· DoD civilian, Jr officer, E-6 and above

· E-5s if a medic, or previously trained P3T exercise leader, or have an educational background in a medical or fitness discipline.

· Designated to serve in a P3T OIC, NCOIC, ME or IT position

· No profile that prevents participation in physical training – MUST have passed last APFT

· NOT pregnant or less than 6 months postpartum

· Target audience is master fitness trainers, medics, health care professionals, and unit leaders involved in local P3T implementation.


USAPHC, Army Institute of Public Health, Health Promotion and Wellness, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403. If you have any questions regarding the P3T Train-the-Trainer Leader Course contact the P3T Course Director or phone commercial (410) 436-4656, DSN 584-4656.

There are no fees for this course; however, USAPHC funds are NOT available for attendee TDY expenses for Part 2. It is the responsibility of the attendee installation/unit to provide funds for all TDY expenses. Transportation and lodging arrangements are the responsibility of the attendee. Lodging on post is recommended. No meals provided. Accessibility to a DFAC and local shuttle for transportation varies according to the course location. Contact the P3T Course Director at commercial (410) 436-4656, DSN 584-4656 to obtain local POC contact information for specific answers related to these topics. Uniform is ACUs with athletic shoes, IPFU and swimwear are recommended but not required. Attendees that will receive a DA87 Army certificate of training upon completion of this course.

Credit hours (Category II) for nurses, health educators, physical therapists may be available. Attendees must turn in their paperwork to their own credentialing entity.


FY2015 P3T Part 2 SCHEDULE

1-5 Dec Fort Riley

12-16 Jan Fort Rucker, AL

2-6 Feb Fort Polk, LA

9-13 Mar Ft Carson, CO

13-17 Apr USAREUR

4-8 May Ft Gordon, GA

1-5 Jun JBLM

20-24 July Fort Hood, TX

24-28 August Fort Huachuca, AZ

P3T Part 2 registration

Requests for the P3T Part 2 Course in FY2015 are being accepted now. Submit requests with this form.

Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training (P3T) Program Leader Train-the-Trainer Part 2 Course - FY 2014

         Class Introductions, Group Assignments, Administrative Items

         0630-0730 Students participate in P3T exercise session (PG/PP)
         0830          Exercise session components
                           Exercise Perfomance
                           Suportive environment / camaraderie / sensitivity training
                           Relaxation Exercises

        1630           Class Released

        0630-0730 Students participate in P3T exercise session (PG/PP)
         0830         Exercise Session Development
                          Enrollment,disenrollment,data collection, & reporting                          
                          Safety during pregnancy & postpartum
                          Postpartum special circumstances
                          PP reconditioning tools and exercise modifications
                          EL Training and Practical Exam Assignment & practice
                          Relaxation Exercise

         1630         Class Released

        0630-0730  Exercise Session Variations – Water aerobics

         0830          Evaluation of Weekly Session Forms
                          EL Training Tips and EL Training Session
                          Practical Exam Practice
                          Practical Exams (4)

        1630          Class Released

        0630-0730  Practical Exams (2)
                           Evaluation of Training/AAR
                           TBD RETURN TRAVEL FOR INSTRUCTOR

Uniform: Uniform is ACUs with athletic shoes, IPFU recommended. Swimwear is recommended but not required.

NOTE: ALL break times are subject to change based on time required to cover content.

Participation in P3T exercise sessions with P3T Program participants is scheduled BEFORE class. Day, time and location will be announced on Monday.

Course content is physically active and full participation is required. It includes wearing simulated pregnancy belly unless documentation of profile preventing this is provided.