Veterinary Services Operations RC (Reserve Component)

Course Length

2 Weeks, Class Size: 15 (minimum of 5)

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This course is funded by the RC unit.


The 6-8-C9(RC) Veterinary Services Operations (RC) course conducted at the US AMEDD Center and School, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The course is designed to provide RC VCOs with an introduction to the Veterinary Service and a foundation for further technical training. This course builds upon professional experiences and training received in the Basic Officer Leader Course to set the stage for subsequent VC education and training. Training includes Phase I Commercial Audit and clinical proficiency training. Upon completion of the course, graduates are expected to apply policies, principles, doctrine and theories presented during the course to perform basic duties of an Army Veterinary Corps junior officer.

The course includes presentations, demonstrations and practical exercises on foundational Veterinary Service missions with a heavy influence on food safety and inspection issues. Major areas of instruction include but are not limited to: food safety and defense; the military working dog program; organization and operations of veterinary field units; public health preparedness and response; and operational rations inspections.

Contact AMEDD Center and School Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.


Who Should Take This Course: Reserve Component Veterinary Officers grade O-1 through O-4 with BOLC completion.

Must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Exceptions to prerequisites for senior

officers who meet the criteria to attend the course, may be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Chief, Department of Veterinary Science, ATTN: MCCS-HV, 3630 Stanley Road, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234. 


AMEDD Center and School, Department of Veterinary Science.  Scheduled by RC request. Couse held in San Antonio, TX.


1. This course will not be conducted if the minimum class size of 5 students is not met 45 days prior to class start date.
2. Course Length is 2 Weeks; Class Size is a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15.
3. Additional information provided by the Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.