Veterinary Readiness Mobilization and Deployment

Course Length

2 weeks; Class Size: 30

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To provide a comprehensive view of the mission, structure, and function of a veterinary TOE unit/detachment in a theater of operations.     

Areas of instruction include: Veterinary food protection, inspection, sanitation, public health, and preventive medicine in a theater of operations and deployment; food procurement in OCONUS environment; readiness and veterinary TOE equipment issues, and nation assistance programs.

Contact AMEDD Center and School Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.


This course is geared toward AC and RC Veterinary Corps Officers, Warrant Officers, and Noncommissioned officers (E-6 and above) with limited or no TO&E experience.

Students should be pending an assignment to a TOE unit or be eligible for one in the next 18 months. Also included are individuals being assigned to a Special Forces unit, TDA unit OCONUS, Multi-National Force, and participants in the Professional Officer Filler System (PROFIS). Students must meet the height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Exceptions to prerequisites, other than compliance with AR 600-9, may be granted on a case-by-case basis by Chief, Department of Veterinary Science, ATTN: MCCS-HV, 3630 Stanley Road, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234.


AMEDD Center and School, Department of Veterinary Science and Forces Command (FORSCOM)


1. Course includes 75 after duty hours as part of the field training exercise with active duty TOE Veterinary/Medical Units.

2. Course enrollment for AC Soldiers: provide a DA Form 3838 to the unit chain of command for approval and submission to the Department of Veterinary Science for a valid ATRRS reservation to attend training. Additional information provided by the Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.

3. Course Length is 2 weeks; Class Size is 30.  Course held once a year in San Antonio, Texas or at FORSCOM Veterinary Detachment(s) using their training sites and equipment.