Ventilation Fundamentals

Course Length

2 hours; One of four courses in a four-course series for this competency.

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None. This is an online module provided through Blackboard.

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The Ventilation Fundamentals Module provides CP-12 careerists with Instruction on basic ventilation units, mathematics, engineering properties and testing equipment which are valuable skills that can be incorporated directly to their job responsibilities.

A Professional Engineer at Public Health Command provides instruction on basic ventilation units, mathematics, engineering properties and testing equipment. This is the first course in a four course series for this competency.

This web-based module will present an opportunity for student to:

· Recognize the properties of air under standard and non-standard conditions

· Describe airflow behavior in a ventilation system

· Identify the 3 different, but related pressures associated with a moving air stream

· Describe basic measurement techniques & calculations to determine airflow and pressure in a ventilation system

· Recommend and apply ventilation engineering principles and related calculations to control exposures.


Certificates are issued to students who achieve a passing score. Attendance of all online module sections is required in order to receive a certificate for the module. ABIH provides CM points for this module to those who are eligible. CEUs are issued by Career Program 12 for this module to those who meet all passing requirements.


CLASS MATERIALS: You will need speakers or headphones to hear the audio. Slide Deck notes pages will be available on Blackboard. You may wish to print these and have them available during the videos. Bring materials to take notes (pens, pencils, highlighter, self stick tabs, etc.) A scientific calculator may be required.

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Special Note: Course available in Blackboard from 1 May-31 July, 1 September-30 November, and 1 January-31 March.