Operational Rations

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2 Weeks; Class Size: 20

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Operational Rations is a 2-week course conducted at the US Army Medical Department Center and School, Fort Sam Houston, TX. The course is designed as a train the trainer course for all aspects of operational rations, from production down to inspection at both the stateside storage facilities to inspection at the unit in a war time theater. Rations covered will be MREs,

HDRs, Totems, Survival rations, UGR-A and UGR H&S. Different defects and why they occurred as well as how to successfully navigate the different tables of inspection for each. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates are expected to continue their respective Operational Rations Programs. Successful graduates will ensure uniform interpretation and application of procedures as outlined in the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) Handbook 4155.2, and other pertinent documents.

Contact AMEDD Center and School Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.


Who Should Take This Course: Active and Reserve Components. Veterinary Corps Officers must be graduates of AMEDD VC Basic Officer Leader Course; Warrant Officers who completed 6G-640A, Veterinary Corps Food Safety Warrant Officer Basic Course, Enlisted personnel must be a graduate of 321-68R10, Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist Basic; and DA Civilians GS-1910 QA (Subsistence).

All military personnel must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Exceptions to prerequisites to attend the course, other than compliance with AR 600-9, may be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Chief, Department of Veterinary Science, ATTN: MCCS-HV, 3630 Stanley Road, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234.


AMEDD Center and School, Department of Veterinary Science


1. Course enrollment for AC Soldiers and DA Civilians: provide a DA Form 3838 to the unit chain of command for approval and submission to the Department of Veterinary Science for a valid ATRRS reservation to attend training. Enrollment for RC Soldiers will be processed through their local unit representative. Additional information provided by the Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.

2. Additional ATRRS information: Training requirements for this course have been temporarily placed against 6G-F13/321-F13 for fiscal year 2012. Training can be provided on a case-by-case basis by utilizing veterinary training assistance teams (VTAT) IAW AR 40-3.

3. Course Length is 2 Weeks; Class Size is 20.  Course held once a year in San Antonio, TX.