Animal Care Clinical Proficiency

Course Length

1 Week; Class Size: 20

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To provide 68T20 Animal Care Specialists/NCOs with the essential skills, knowledge, and clinical proficiency to perform duties with or without minimal supervisory and clinical guidance of a Veterinary Corps Officer. Training emphasis revolves around the current operational

environment that concentrates heavily on the treatment of the military working dog and assignments where application of unit-driven, hand-on instruction is at a minimum although crucial to the life cycle management for the 68T20.

This 1-week course conducted at the US Army Medical Department Center and School, Fort

Sam Houston, TX, provides advanced  training in MWD surgery techniques, gastric dilatation-volvulus, trauma management and emergency care, MWD deployment issues, MWD CBRNE, MWD Training Support Package, rabies management, euthanasia, equine management, laboratory animal facilities management, regulations, and guidelines, Constant Rate Infusions CRI)/Total Intravenous Anesthesia in MWDs, Ultrasound/Radiology, hematology with advanced serologic procedures, foreign animal disease and herd health with anatomy laboratory, Canine Pulmonary Cardiac Resuscitation /Basic Cardiac Life Support, advanced trauma laboratory procedures, wound management (suture, bandage, and transport), and new medical equipment. 

Contact AMEDD C&S Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.


Course geared toward Active and Reserve Component. Enlisted Personnel: Grades E-4 and E5. Possess 68T with one year in MOS.

Military personnel must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Exceptions to prerequisites to attend the course, other than compliance with AR 600-9, may be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Chief, Department of Veterinary Science, ATTN: MCCS- HV, 3630 Stanley Road, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234.


AMEDD Center and School, Department of Veterinary Science


1. Course enrollment for AC Soldiers: provide a DA Form 3838 to the unit chain of command for approval and submission to the Department of Veterinary Science for a valid ATRRS reservation to attend training. Enrollment for RC Soldiers will be processed through their local unit representative. Additional information provided by the Department of Veterinary Science at commercial (210) 221-4933 or DSN 471-4933.

2. Course Length is 1 Week; Class Size is 20. Course held twice a year in San Antonio, TX.