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Heat: Are You Hydrated? Take the Urine Color Test Poster

Format: Poster
Language: English

Product Categories
Diseases and Conditions
  • Heat Injury Prevention
  • Deployment Health
  • Health Risk Management
  • Product Specifications
  • Dimensions:
  • 18 x 24
  • Pub Date:
  • December 15, 2014
  • Content:
  • Information on how to test for dehydration by using the urine color chart
  • Proponent:
  • Health Information Operation
  • Users:
  • Servicemembers
  • VID ID Number:
  • CP-070-1214
    (10 customer reviews)
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      Heat: Are You Hydrated? Take the Urine Color Test , 06/22/2014
    Great information
      , 06/24/2013
    This poster will be a useful tool to communicate the importance of hydration.
      Are you hydrated? Take the urine color test. , 06/06/2013
    The product did not arrive in time as I order too late for the summer health fair but my plan is to provide the information to the Active Duty POC for distribution. Summertime is here. The poster colorful, displaying what most ADSM may or maynot do, look at the color of urine. The poster indicates how being proactive in remaining well hydration prevents dehydration problems.
      , 04/17/2013
    I have often wondered about the use of these posters and utilizing the urine test color for hydration, esppecially in training and war enviroments. When I was active duty and in the field we had to dig cat holes or use portapotties and it is very difficult to determine your urine color in those situations. The graphics and the use of darkening yellow is very good if you are in garrison.