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Suicide Prevention: Family Coping and Resiliency

Format: Card
Language: English

Product Categories
Wellness, Stress, & Healthy Living
  • Suicide Prevention & Stress Management
  • Product Specifications
  • Dimensions:
  • 5.5 X 8
  • Pub Date:
  • August 2011
  • Content:
  • Stressors encountered by military Families and resilient coping strategies
  • Proponent:
  • Directorate of Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Users:
  • Servicemembers and their Families
  • Notes:
  • TA-084-0811
    (5 customer reviews)
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      , 04/17/2013
    Great idea! I think that his card is important becasue it involves the family and gives them ideas of what to look for, how to handle situations and it can be utilized by all members of the family for the family. With this card you will not have family members saying Could of, Should of, Would of.
      , 10/04/2012
    This training tip card has great information to give to Soldiers during Family readiness briefings and during resilence training.
      Family Tip Card , 09/12/2012
    Excellent information for our SM's and families. Really gets others involved with helping themselves and building ways to cope with daily living stresses.
      General Comments , 07/25/2011
    A lot of information on one card. However it serves to alert family members of possible behaviors/signs that something may be wrong. This alone makes it useful and the more "eyes on" the better...losing one soldier to suicide is one too many....Work this into your awareness programs and be sure to include the family in suicide prevention briefs/presentations.